We Rushed Into @Golang

Dec 13, 2017 00:00 · 120 words · 1 minute read golang


I have used Hugo for code, Netlify for continuous deployment and backend security, Github for hosting my code, Zoho for emails management, Namecheap for domain name, and Cactus Plus for theme design.


Golang is the best coding language available right now (might not be applicable to every situation though!). Netlify has a super fast and secure platform for free. It’s public on Github, go ahead and search for it. Zoho Mail is a reliable and fits-in-scope thingy. Customer services of Namecheap are available through the clock and as the name suggests, domain names are cheaper to buy and renew. I like minimal concepts, so I chose Cactus Hugo Plus, you can select something from Hugo templates directory.