Full-Stack Marketing

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Full Stack Marketing

Published on Fast Company, in an article titled Why “Full Stack” Marketers Are The Future of Digital Branding, Rishon Roberts comments the marketing stack as complex and traverses every surface of the marketing funnel and the customer lifecycle. The beauty of a full-stack marketer is that he or she knows how to reach and engage every single touch point of these funnels and cycles.
The problem now is that every early-stage tech company wants full-stack marketers, but there aren’t yet enough to go around. Red8’s Victor Ramayrat explains that this is “why full-service agencies still exist, albeit at a higher price tag.”

Back Stage

On his website, Dean Ifrach calls “Full-stack marketing” as a dynamic approach to marketing, centered on cost-effective growth / user-acquisition. Lauren Holliday calls it the only thing that’s changed is everything. And Michael Haupt tells that it refers to the type of skills, mindset and approach some marketers are capable of because they are knowledgeable about and can refer to all levels of the marketing “stack”.
For last four years, I have worked with medium size businesses and entrepreneurs to either revamp or scale their digital presence from scratch. With each of them, my goal was to think out of the box and go the extra mile to achieve more. For this reason, I learned everything within and around the system..
Full Stack Marketing If you are familiar with these platforms and you have used them before, I have drawn the illustration above to give you an idea of how each of your digital assets should support each other. This is when one can achieve consistency in content, brand image, your marketing goals, and take control of assets consumption.
How do I connect them all? The content is always interlinked across the landscape. The lines connecting the two points tells their bonding and interdependency value. The percentage of the amount shall differ from one point to another which is debatable depending on the actions performed. I’ll start off with a business idea, build the brand image using graphics, a website whose emphasis is to be ranked higher in search, build brand awareness through social, and be distributed through email marketing. To market, I’ll place advertisements using content writing techniques, graphics, and videos. After all, we must use analytics which is the heart of question “why is your business online?”.

The Need

It depends upon your future goals, the current system, and total budget. While most of the organizations would want somebody to take over their full work, reduce their human resource spend, and streamline digital workflow for a longer term. Now, the question becomes who doesn’t need one?

In Future

Normally, full-stack marketers don’t need another title. But just in case your boss asked you to give them a terrible traditional, silly and unjustified title, then you can choose anything from a social media executive till sales director..
“If you are meeting with someone like me, we have gone through every single point of a customer’s lifecycle.”.
Think of a business idea as one extreme to the point where a customer becomes your returning visitor to your office, brand outlet or website, I have had the practical experience of making that happen.